How to Gift a Curls Monthly Subscription

Wanting to gift Curls Monthly this holiday season? You're in luck - gifting healthy hair has never been easier.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: On the Gift a Curls Monthly Subscription page, add the Monthly Plan to cart.

Step 2: Click "checkout."

Step 3: If you are a Curls Monthly Subscriber, enter your email and password.

If you are NOT a Curls Monthly Subscriber:

1. What are you doing!? 

2. Hit "Create Account" and enter your prompted information.

Step 4: Enter the RECIPIENT'S shipping information.

Step 5: Enter YOUR payment information and click "Pay Now."

You did it! Healthy hair is on it's way to your loved ones. What now? 

Step 6: You will receive an email from us. When you have the option, select "this is a gift."

Step 7: You will then receive a beautiful gifting email. Forward this to the lucky recipient!

Step 8: Assume your new title of "Best Gifter Ever."

P.S. Set a reminder to cancel the subscription after you are done gifting! For example, common subscription lengths are 3 month, 6 months, one year, etc.

Please NOTE: Your gifted subscription is live upon purchasing. For any order placed before November 30th at 11:59pm, gift recipients will receive the DECEMBER mailer as their first mailer, and it will be shipped between the 2nd-3rd week of December.

If you are wanting to have the first mailer be delivered to the recipient AFTER Christmas, please wait to subscribe until the January 2023 mailer opens. 

Happy Gifting!

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