Back to School Curl Essentials

It’s about that time of year! All good things have to come to an end- summer included. But, going back to school doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to your beautiful all-the-time-in-the-world curls! Whether you are the one in the classroom, or the one in the drop-off line, keep reading for a list of our top back-to-school essentials to keep your curls on point from day to night!

1. A styling brush/comb

A good styling brush is your school-year best friend! Carry a BeHairful Hair Brush to instantly tame any wonky curls, or reach Denman brush like the mini version that was included in the August Curls Monthly Mailer. 

P.S. Use code curlvitality10 for 10% off BeHairful!

Curly Hair Brush

2. Styling Product

As all curlies know, a good refresh (done right) can be just a scrunch away! If the humidity got to you, or you need a quick touch up before seeing your class crush, keep your favorite styling product within reach to take your curls from eh to OH! in just a few seconds!

Check out @curlsmonthly for all our top product reccomendations!

Curly Styling Product

3. A Spray Bottle

If you follow us on socials, you know fully wetting your hair everyday can cause long-term damage (and if you don’t, you can see why here!). But, a good, quick refresh can still be in your schedule when you dilute your favorite styling product (see number 2) with a little bit of water from your trusted spray bottle

Spray Bottle

4. A claw clip, invisibobble, etc.

For those days you cannot be bothered by your curls for another second, reach for a damage-free way to get your curls comfortably out of your face and look cute doing so! Check out these must-have claw clips + invisibobble hair accessories!

Claw Clip

5. A Curls Monthly Subscription

Duh! Carrying around a full-size version of any of these back-to-school essentials will only make your bag heavier than it already is! Join Curls Monthly to get travel size products delivered to your doorstep every month, perfect for on the go jaw-on-the-floor curls! 

Curls Monthly

Wishing you a great year! 

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