65% of People Have Curly Hair, But Only a Fraction of Them Embrace it - We’re on a Mission to Change That

Curls Monthly is run by a team of curly-haired women who want to make finding the right curl products and education for your unique hair affordable, sustainable, and easy.

We're a Small Business Solving Big Curl Problems

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Our Monthly Curl Product Subscription Is...


Our subscription provides an invaluable solution to the confusion and cost usually associated with perfecting your curl routine.


Our trial-sized products and eco-friendly mailer packaging reduce the waste that comes with full-sized product trial and error.

Curl Inclusive

Our subscription and products are for ALL waves, curls, and coils. If you have texture in your hair, Curls Monthly is perfect for you.

Meet Our Founder, Barbara of‎ ‎ @ItsBarbieDelle

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Meet the Curls Monthly Team!

Photo of Curls Monthly Brand Partnership Director, Katy


Meet Katy. She constantly wondered why her hair was not quite straight, not quite curly, but always dried puffy. Flash forward to meeting Barbara, her curly godmother, and she is now a beautifully wavy queen with hair to die for.  

  • Hair Type: 2B/2C
  • Current Favorite Product: Ecoslay Matcha Boost
Photo of Curls Monthly Marketing Director, Amber


Meet Amber. A die-hard blowout kind of girl until her path crossed with CurlVitality. After taking just a few of Barbara’s curl tips, she has now learned how to rock her perfectly curly curls for everything from work from home to weddings!

  • Hair Type: 3B/3C
  • Current Favorite Product: DesignMe Curl Balm


Meet Aeryn. Learning how to embrace and care for her curls using Barbara's tips and tricks for easy, manageable and beautiful curls!

  • Hair Type: 2B/2C
  • Current Favorite Product: Rizo's Curl Cream


Meet Rachel. As a teen, she would have her mom iron her hair (yes- with an actual clothing iron) just to hide her curls. Now, Rachel happily flaunts her happy, healthy, fine curls every day! And she would have never gotten there without Barbara's amazing tips!

  • Hair Type: 3A/3B
  • Current Favorite Product: Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls


Meet Melina. She never really understood her frizzy, damaged, goofy hair and definitely didn't know how to style it until she joined the team. With everything she's learned from editing Barbara's how-to YouTube videos, she's finally learning how to style + embrace her beautiful waves!

  • Hair Type: 2A
  • Current Favorite Product: Rizos Refresh & Detangle Spray


Meet Diamond. She is undoubtedly the most chaotic member of Team Curls Monthly. With thousands and thousands of TikTok followers jealous of her curls, she's on a mission to spread her (read: our curl expert's) curl knowledge far and wide!

  • Hair Type: 3B
  • Current Favorite Product: Whatever gets her the most TikTok views

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