C.G.O. Let's Go!

Finding the right products for your hair is important, but so is the order in which you apply them! Here at Curls Monthly, we are firm believers in the C.G.O. method! As always, your curl routine starts in the shower. Shampoo, condition and apply your leave-in conditioner as normal then follow with this sure-to-give-WOW-results routine!

Curl Cream


First step- a curl cream! Curl creams are great for so many wavies + curlies as there are so many options to deliver your needs. For example, lightweight curl creams for waves and heavier duty curl creams for drier-and-needs-more-hold curls! It is so hard to narrow down our favorites, but here are a few!

Ouai Curl Cream - Great for both styling + refreshing

Briogeo Curl Charisma - Lightweight but heavy in protein

Seen Curly Creme - Adds shine, UV Protection and a soft hold



Using a gel is crucial for curls that last longer than a day. And who doesn’t want that, right? So many people shy away from gels due to the cast (or crunch!) left behind. But- that crunch is what provides that keep-your-curls-longer-than-a-day aspect we all love. And, it can easily be scrunched away (see below)! Need a new go-to gel? Here are a few of our current obsessions!

Ecoslay Jello Shot - It holds your curls for a full week… need we say more?

Umberto Gianinni Curl Jelly - Great for perfectly defined and shiny curls


Not Your Mother’s Curl Sculpting Gel - Great for wavies and curlies with a little protein for a flexible, flawless hold



Necessary to scrunch that often dreaded crunch and lock in your moisture, an oil should be the last step of your wash day routine. Once your curls are completely dry, simply scrunch, pat or rub the crunch out with your favorite oil. And just like that: bouncy, shiny curls in no time (shhh- just pretend our wash days take no time!). On the lookout for an oh-la-la oil? You know we have you covered! 

Bread Beauty Hair Oil - Lightweight but gives great shine

Alaffia Beautiful Curls Hydrating Oil - Glycerin free and great for all curl types


And just like that, you are a C.G.O. pro! Have questions, comments or blog ideas? Please email amber@curlvitality.com. 

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