Celebrate Women's History Month with our March Mailer

Our March Mailer is live and, although we say this every month, it is SO good!

March is Women’s History Month. As a women-owned brand ourselves, we knew we wanted to use this mailer as an opportunity to showcase some amazing, women-owned brands. In the beauty industry, less than one third (29%) of all board members and executives are female (Source: Girl Boss). We challenge you, this month and every month, to find ways to support women-owned businesses. This can be as simple as resharing an instagram post, or as dedicated as becoming a customer. However you choose to support, as women in this industry, we thank you!

Now -  let’s dive into what makes this March mailer so magical, shall we?


Invisibobble Curls Monthly Curly Hair Subscription Partner

Image from Google

31% less damage, 68% less marks and 100% less pain than an ordinary elastic hair tie? Immediately yes! This groundbreaking hair tie design evenly distributes pressure around your entire ponytail, changing the game forever! In the March mailer, you will get a set of three brown invisibobbles to try (and love!). 

Color Wow Color Security Shampoo

Color Wow Curls Monthly Curly Hair Subscription Partner

Image from Google

If you have hair, this is the perfect shampoo for you… for real! This is the only sulfate-free, 100% clean shampoo on the market that leaves absolutely no residue and is for all hair types! Unlike traditional shampoos, this product completely rinses out of you hair, preventing the breakage, dullness and even irritation that can occur when these ingredients remain on your hair. It’s a safe bet that this color security shampoo will have a permanent spot in your shower!

Novex My Curls Hair Mask

Novex Collagen Infusion Deep Hair Mask Curls Monthly Curly Hair Subscription Partner
Image from Novex Instagram

Collagen is all the hype for long, luscious locks, and for a good reason! This 100% vegan collagen mask delivers on growth and so much more! From nourishing thinning hair to preventing graying, this collagen mask is surely calling our name! 

NatureLab Tokyo Clean Scalp Balancing Sake Rinse

Curls Monthly Curly Hair Subscription Partner Nature Lab Tokyo Sake Scalp Rinse

Image from NatureLab Tokyo website

New Year’s Fitness Resolutions leaving your scalp needing a little extra love? This NEW hair-cleansing breakthrough works hard to balance your scalp while removing product buildup! Revived hair is only a rinse away!

That Curly Girl Detangler

Curls Monthly Curly Hair subscription partner That Curly Girl Detangling spray

Image from That Curly Girl website

This detangling spray by That Curly Girl is THE product you need to get your curls on. It is a quick way to remove knots and tangles and is made with hydrolyzed wheat protein to give your curls the nutrients they crave! Tangle-free and moisturized curls are in your future. 

This March Mailer is too good to miss out on. Join today here and give your curls some love!

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