How to Diffuse Curly Hair

Curls Monthly’s Declassified Diffusing Curly Hair Guide


Diffusing can be… difficult! Your results depend entirely on your choice of products and your technique, and that is definitely easier said than done. Check out our diffusing cheat sheet to make your next wash day a breeze!

Before you start

First things first- you need a reliable blow dryer on your team. If you have one you love, cheers! Keep reading. If not, check out our three favorites here (at a couple different price points, too!).

Next, you need to be using products that work for your unique hair. If not, no matter how flawless your technique is, you will not get the best results.

If you are needing help finding your perfect product cocktail, join our waitlist to try new products and receive education every month. We also have tons of resources on our Instagram and TikTok :) 

Once you have your hands on a reliable blow dryer and perfect-for-you products, it’s time to master your technique. 

Technique #1: Cup Diffusing

Cup diffusing is the process of cupping your curls, starting at the bottom, and scrunching them with the diffuser closer to your head. This technique gives you curlier curls, and medium volume! 

Technique #2: Hover Diffusing

Hover diffusing is exactly how it sounds. You will hover the diffuser around your head (without touching your curls), resulting in elongated, wavier curls!

Technique #3: Cup Diffusing + Shaking

Similar to technique #1, you will begin by cup diffusing your curls. When your curls are cupped, you will shake the diffuser back and forth, creating curly curls with lots of volume! As a note, this volume will be on the messier side. 

Technique #4: Hover Diffusing Upside Down

This technique is pretty self explanatory! You will bend at the waist to flip your hair over your head to the front. From here, you will hover diffuse your curls. This technique results in volume at your roots only, and less curly curls overall!

There is no right choice when it comes to how to diffuse - it is simply about what results you are searching for. If you try any of these techniques and love the results (as we are sure you will!), be sure to tag us @curlsmonthly on Instagram or TikTok so we can see those beautiful curls!



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