Not sure what to do with extra or unwanted curl products?

While we are sure your curls will love so many of the products they are able to try through Curls Monthly, there are bound to be a few that you don't find time to try, to aren't a perfect fit (and that's okay!). So, what do you do with said products? We've rounded up our top tips!

1. Donate to a Women's shelter

You guys are our people! We are constantly looking for ways to not only help our curlies, but to help other women as well. Something that has been put on our hearts has been to find a way to support our local women’s shelters. If you have too many products to try, a product you don’t want to try, etc., we highly encourage you to look into donating to your local shelters. While many shelters accept hair products of all kinds and sizes, we always recommend reaching out to your local shelter to see what types of products they accept, anything specific they are in need of, and the best way to go about donating your products! Find your local women’s shelter here:

2. Repurpose as shaving cream

If you’re anything like us, joining Curls Monthly just took one toiletry off the list. If a product doesn’t work for your curls, don’t just throw it away. Try using it for your next shave and thank us later!

3. Give to a friend / regift

Let your curls be the gift that keep on giving. If you have extra curl products that you haven’t had a chance to try (or that you just really think someone else will love), gift them to a curl friend!

As a reminder, if you try a product only once and your curls don’t like it, we recommend trying for a second time (our products included are selected in sizes to give the average curly 2-3 uses!). Here's our recommendations for trying products for a second time:

1. Try with other products

While products are powerful on their own, we always emphasize the importance of finding your perfect product cocktail. This means the perfect combination of products for your unique curls. If a product doesn’t give you those jaw-dropping results with one combination of products, try it with another!

2. Try using less / more product

The amount of product you use can be more important than you think. For example, using too much product on fine curls can lead to them being weighed down, even if the product is great for fine hair when used in the right amount. This same idea is true if too little of a product is used on dry hair, even if the product is formulated to be super moisturizing! As a hack for knowing how much product to use on your curls, see here

3. Use for refreshes

Not all the products included in your mailer have to be used on wash day! Try using a few that you didn’t love the first time around as a quick refresh, and see what you think.

4. Clarify then try again

Curls needing to be clarified are likely not going to respond well to many products, even if on paper they should be really good for your curls! Clarify your hair, then try again. Not sure when you need to clarify? See our recent post here on signs your scalp needs a detox!

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