Inside Scoop: August Edition Curls Monthly Mailer

Hot off the presses! Our first ever monthly mailer has made its way to doorsteps across the country! From announcing, to selling out to hand-packing every single order, the August Curls Monthly mailer has officially been signed, sealed and delivered!

Now, let’s unpack the 1st edition of your new favorite subscription!

First up, this mailer features the to-die-for Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly. From TikTok to Instagram and every social network in between, this rockstar product has curly girls ~swooning~ over it! This powerhouse gel is a true MUST for any curly or wavy, trust us! It is Vegan and Cruelty-free, banishes frizz and adds shine, all while providing incredible definition and hold! Talk about an all-in-one product. For a full review, check out our Curl Jelly Review + Tutorial on Youtube

P.S. When you fall in love with your trial size Curl Jelly (we know you will), don’t forget to use discount code CURLVITALITY for 20% off Umberto Giannini products!

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly


Next, this mailer also features small business Mane Method Repair Hair Mask. Featuring just two amazing active ingredients: Batana Oil and Castor Oil! Batana Oil is a superstar ingredient that has been used for centuries by the women of Honduras to protect their skin and hair from the damage of the sun. Not only is it your damaged strands' new best friend, but it will also boost moisture and control frizz for curls almost too good to be true! Don’t know how to prepoo? Don’t worry! We have a whole video teaching you exactly how to get the best post-wash results from your pre-poo here!

P.S. We told you we would get you as many discount codes as possible… use code curlvitality to save money on your new go-to pre-poo!

Mane Method Prepoo


You won’t believe what you are seeing with not one but TWO products from this next brand! SEEN Hair is truly THE curly-girl approved brand for all the allergic-to-everything and sensitive skin curlies! Farewell to clogged pores and bonjour to two new curl routine staples. 

First in our SEEN duo, we have the Curly Cream. It provides a soft hold, immense shine and UV protection with its clean, fragrance-free and light on protein formula. Basically- it is the curly cream of your curly dreams!

Part two of this rockstar duo is the Deeper Conditioner. In just 3-10 minutes, this protein-free deep conditioner will replenish your curls’ moisture and leave you with visibly healthier hair. A true *chef’s kiss* moment. 

We have in-depth videos on both the Curly Cream and Deeper Conditioner that we hope you will have SEEN soon… get it?

SEEN Hair Care Duo


Now entering: the leave-in you will never want to wash out! Foli-Q Hydrating and Shining Leave-In Conditioner is packed, and we mean packkkkeddd, with juicy, curl-loving ingredients such as Shea Butter and Mango Butter and somehow still lightweight enough for low density hair AND Glycerin-free. Magic? Definitely! Foli-Q is truly our August ‘22 Curls Monthly Breakout star as a boutique, black-owned and POWERHOUSE of a brand. Don’t just take our word for it, see these one (yes, you read that right) product wash day results for yourself! 

Foli-Q Hydrating and Shining Leave-In Conditioner

Last but not least - the if-you-know-nothing-else-about-curls-you-even-know-this-brand brand: Denman! This mini denman brush could not be cuter, and yet is still totally effective for pesky curls that need a quick touch up! Watch this mini keychain fix even the most unruly of bangs in a matter of minutes! 

Denman Brush Keychain


And that is a wrap on our first ever, debut, 1st edition of Curls Monthly. We sincerely hope there will be hundreds and thousands more, and we would love to see you around for them all! 

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