Miche Takeover Month Mailer

Secret’s out: Miche is taking over this month’s spooky good mailer and we are over the moooon!

Miche has been a favorite brand of our fearless leader for years now, and with every Miche product we feature in our mailers, more and more of YOU are falling in love with them too. 

So, let’s get into this month’s *almost* too good to be true takeover mailer. 

Cleansed Moisturizing Shampoo

Miche Cleansed Moisturizing Shampoo

Up first we have the Cleansed Moisturizing Shampoo, so good it might as well be supernatural. This shampoo is sulfate free (duh!) and gently cleanses your curls without stripping them, as it deeply penetrates to repair, protect and restore dry, dehydrated hair. 

Prime 3-Minute Moisture Conditioner

Miche Prime 3-Minute Moisture Conditioner

Next, we have the chilling Prime 3-Minute Moisture Conditioner. Think your dry, tangled hair needs more than 3 minutes to be transformed? Think again. Packed with curl loving ingredients, this conditioner hydrates, smooths, and adds vibrancy to dull strands in no time. 

Sculpt Curl Defining Gel

Miche Sculpt Curl Define Gel

Give it up for the scary good Sculpt Curl Defining Gel. Alcohol free? Check. Gives curls with definition and shine? Yep. Provides curls with a medium hold but maximum results? Obviously! This gel is genuinely so. freaking. good!

Bounce Style Cream

Miche Bounce Styling Cream

Next we have the Bounce Styling Cream, sure to give you boo-tiful curls. One and done curl product? Sign us up! If you are looking for the perfect balance of bounce, definition and shine, look no further! 

Boost Hydrate and Refresh Spray

Miche Boost Hydrate and Refresh Spray

Rounding out the best month ever is the haunting Boost Hydrate and Refresh Spray. Refresh and revive your strands with this nutrient-rich spray that packs a punch of hydration. 

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