The first 100 NEW subscribers get a FULL-SIZE Bounce Curl Comb!

In need of a volume boost? Look no further!

The Bounce Curl Volume Comb will be the end of your flat curl woes, it’s seriously that good

This biodegradable tool is perfect for boosting both root and body volume in just a few seconds. Plus, it can be used to fluff your roots for lasting volume, used to fluff the body of your curls for overall volume AND can be used to separate the clumps of the hair while styling to create separated strands for more volume. Volume, volume, volume, volume! See - we told you it was good! 

The good news is if you are one of the first 100 NEW subscribers, you get this mega volume comb for free in your December Mailer! If you have been considering joining Curls Monthly, consider this your sign. Join here!

Bounce Curl Volume Comb


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