This month's mailer is bringing the heat

Summer is in full swing and we are coming in HOT with a mailer so good it’s going to take your breath away. Complete with a mega viral gel that will instantly transport you to Hawaii with one sniff, a clarifying shampoo that will reset and revive those curls, two protein-containing masks (with very different formulations) and a plastic-free leave-in conditioner BAR, this mailer is bringing the heat. 

Miche Beauty Tropical Oasis Anti-Humidity Firm Hold Hair Gel

This revolutionary gel will keep your curls in place all summer long while combating frizz caused by humidity. Infused with the oh-so-refreshing essence of pineapple juice, not only does this smell like a tropical paradise, it’s also bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and natural enzymes that help to nourish and strengthen your hair. 

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Amino Bonding Complex Bonding Conditioning Masque

This super-concentrated repairing masque is high in protein, but still safe for all porosities when used correctly (love!). It is “ABC Powered,” aka powered by Arginine, Biotin and Collagen (all ingredients to strengthen and rebuild hair), plus it deeply nourishes, seals in hydration, reduces frizz and boosts shine a whopping 119%.

Odele Beauty Clarifying Shampoo

If your curls are ready to be reset to their birthday suit, they are in the right place. Product buildup on curls can lead to 101 different undesirable curl outcomes. So, when we say that clarifying shampoo can change your life - we mean it. This one contains some protein, gives you a thorough cleanse and neutralizes your curls for a fresh, clean base. Plus, it’s truly made for summer as it also removes chlorine and hard water deposits!

Voir Rhythm of the Rain: Hair Masque & Scalp Detox

This 3-minute masque is award winning for good reason. It detoxes your scalp while hydrating your strands, delivering nearly immediate results! While it contains protein to give curls that bounce, it also delivers a ton of moisture and contains many hair growth ingredients. 

The Vida Bars Leave In Conditioner

Your curls just made a new bestie! This bar delivers some serious moisture while still being light enough for all our fine hair curlies. It strengthens and thickens your hair, while adding volume, softness, curl definition and shine, all while being plastic-free and saving over 1 million plastic bottles. 

If your curls are ready to bring the summer heat and you are somehow not yet a #CurlsMonthlySubscriber (how??), click here and join the crew that’s calling your name!

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