This month's mailer - your summer curls will thank you

It’s officially July! We are thrilled about this month not only because we have some frequently-asked-for brands in this month’s mailer, but because the focus for the month is all about educating you on enjoying, styling, and caring for your curls in the SUMMER!

The brains behind Curls Monthly worked extra hard to get a group of products that make sense to use in the summertime, so we sincerely hope you love them as much as we do (which, spoiler alert, is A LOT!).

So, let’s dive into this month’s mailer. Pun fully intended.

Together Beauty Whatever Wherever Leave-In Conditioner

Together Beauty Whatever Wherever Leave-In Conditioner

We’re not saying this product works miracles, but we’re not not saying that either. Made with 95% natural ingredients, this all-in-one leave-in conditioner is going to be your summer curls’ bff, we just know it! It defines, moisturizes, and enhances curls. Plus, it creates *the best* volume, controls unwanted frizz, and moisturizes those curls, all while being cruelty free! 

Malibu C Swim Spritz Crystals

Malibu C Swim Spritz Crystals

They said it themselves: a must have for after swimming. Powered by freshly activated Vitamin C, they are designed to help remove chlorine and chlorine byproducts from both your skin and hair (aka eliminating the harmful effects of this common chemical!). 

Hairitage Outta My Hair Gentle Daily Shampoo

Hairitage Gentle Daily Shampoo

Consider this your sign to be gentle to your curls. And how perfect that we just so happen to have a gentle shampoo in this month’s mailer to help you! This shampoo is made with a unique blend of potent ingredients to get your hair squeaky clean from impurities and excess oils without stripping it of the necessary moisture! It is a true gentle clarifying shampoo and is ok for every wash day use for some (if you know, you know… and you follow us on Instagram!). It’s also moisture-rich, and contains Jojoba oil for thicker, fuller hair. This gentle shampoo is tough to top!

Hairitage S.O.S. Deep Moisture + Restore Conditioner

Hairitage Deep Moisture + Restore Conditioner

S.O.S., this conditioner is *almost* too good to be true. It’s great because it is super moisturizing and contains film forming ingredients to get back in the pool with tomorrow! A deeply penetrating conditioner for thicker hair types, an intense hydrator and volumizer AND a deep conditioner? Consider us subscribed, literally. 

Zoto’s All About Curls Leave-in Detangler

Zoto's All About Curls Leave-In Detangler

Just like this product, we are all about happy, healthy curls. Using this moisturizing leave-in conditioner base, it will seal in hydration while combating the drying ingredients commonly found in pools, oceans, and lakes. It leaves curls soft & defrizzed, and totally cuts your detangling time. Plus, it works great as a refresher and is intensely moisturizing while being protein free!

Nature Lab Tokyo Perfect Clean Style Refresher

Nature Lab Tokyo Perfect Clean Style Refresher

Workout got your curls out of whack? Happens to the best of us. Whether you’re sweating from a hot summer day, or a hot yoga class, this mist is a must. It duals as a perfect post-workout sweat solution and a mid-day style refresher. It quickly cleans sweaty strands and absorbs excess oils. Not-so-secret ingredients include Rice extract, a natural deodorizer, and Arrowroot, able to absorb oiliness! Your refresh is about to get a refresh. 

Ready to get your feet wet in taking care of your curls the #CurlsMonthlyWay? Obviously you are: Join Here.

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