What Is Brad Mondo’s DIY Butterfly Haircut and Why Is It All the Rage?

If you have been on social media at all these past few months, you have likely heard of the infamous #ButterflyHaircut, which has garnered over 376.5 million TikTok views. But - what is it and does it work on us curlies? 

What is it?

Coming recently to popularity, the butterfly haircut gives you the bouncy, luscious layers previously only achieved in the salon. But, thanks to Brad Mondo, these salon-worthy results can be accomplished in your very own bathroom. It adds effortless movement to your hair, and is perfect for bringing some life back into dull, all-the-same-length hair, and who doesn’t want that?

Who is it for?

This haircut is rumored to work for many hair types and lengths across the spectrum, including curls. However, if you have very fine hair or 4c hair, you may not achieve the best results. In addition, this haircut is most flattering with some texture in your hair, whether achieved by a curling iron or embracing your natural texture, rather than pin straight. 

What do you need?

To get the long layers you’ve been dreaming of, you will need a comb, a pair of hair-cutting scissors (please do NOT use the scissors in your junk drawer..), and two hair ties to secure your sections! 

How to:

Prep work:

  1. Brad Mondo’s technique recommends starting with damp hair for straighter textures. However, many have recommended drier/dry hair is likely best for curlies. Why? We all know curls shrink. To ensure that your layers look *bomb* after using this technique, make sure you keep shrinkage in mind, whether you cut wet or dry!
  2. Section your hair into two sections - Using your comb, make a line from the very crown of your head to just behind your ears on both sides. 
  3. Comb all the hair in the front section to the very top of your head, and secure tightly with a hair tie just above your brows (like a unicorn according to Brad Mondo).
  4. Comb all the hair in the back section to the crown of your head and secure tightly with a hair tie (like Ariana’s classic high pony, as Brad Mondo says!)

Time to cut! 

  1. Comb all the hair in the top ponytail directly down in front of your face. Hold the scissors parallel to the ground and cut a straight line. TIP: Start small! You can always cut more off, but you can’t add length back. 
  2. Turn the scissors perpendicular to the ground and gently texturize the line you just cut to prevent harsh layers. 
  3. Repeat the steps with the back section of your head, combing forward and cutting the same amount of hair off as the first section before texturizing the line. 

Finalizing your masterpiece

  1. Take your hair out of both hair ties and trim any out of place pieces to make it perfect!
  2. Style your curls as desired! Maybe even reach for your favorite Curls Monthly product to give you those jaw-dropping results you are after :)  

Easy as D.I.Y! Be sure to tag @curlsmonthly if you try this at-home hair cut so we can see your beautiful work!

Want to see it in action? Check it out with @iamrachaellynn on TikTok

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