What's the deal with Seaweed powered haircare?

We'll let you see for yourself...

Enter: Captain Blankenship.

This plant-powered brand is on a mission to create more beauty with less waste. Captain Blankenship uses fewer ingredients, focuses on fewer products and uses conscious packaging. Plus, with how incredible their product formulas are, we have a feeling your curls will love them as much as we do! But, why Seaweed? Seaweed extracts help soothe your skin and scalp, while adding shine and strength and smoothing frizz in your hair!

So, what are we shopping? You know we will tell you!

Sea Salt Spray with Aloe and Rosemary

This lightweight, texturizing spray is incredible for all hair types (for real!). It's the perfect volume boost powered by sea salt, aloe, and seaweed that leaves your hair always effortless and never weighed down or stiff! Shop it, you know you want to.

Dry Shampoo

A customer fav and for good reason! This talc-free, seaweed moss powder instantly refreshes your curls by absorbing oil and boosting volume. See the deets!

Hair & Scalp Serum with Rosemary and Seaweed

This concentrated, oil-based serum is sure to deliver that soft, shiny hair that summer dreams are made of. Just to make it even sweeter, it also promotes scalp health and hair growth! Shop it here


As obsessed with plant power as we are? Shop all things Captain Blankenship here and use code WILDCURLS20 for 20% off! 

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