You will remember: the Curls Monthly mailer this September

Hello Curls Monthly Crew! We’re officially in September aka- GILMORE GIRLS SEASON for those who celebrate!

This Curls Monthly is one we are very excited for our subscribers to get their curls on. We have a few different styling products to mix and match, a spray gel (which is the curly version of a hair spray), and a full-size bondbar pre-shampoo product- which is a $9 dupe for Olaplex… yes you heard that right! 

Let’s get straight into it. Life’s short, we will *type* fast!

Miche Set Gel-to-Foam Styling Mousse

Up first: the Miche Set Gel-to-Foam Styling Mousse. If you are looking to cut down styling time in your routine, look absolutely no further. This mousse is a leave-in conditioner and gel combined. It cuts down styling time, provides intense definition and volume, combines the definition and hold of a gel with the texture of a mousse AND it has a small amount of protein. Name something else you could ever want in a single product, we dare you.


Miche Lavish Leave-In Conditioning Styler

Next, we have another Miche star: the Lavish Leave-in Conditioning Styler. We have said it once, we will say it again, leave-in conditioners are like your favorite foundation, but for your hair. Just like foundation creates a nice base for the rest of your makeup and evens out your skin tone, leave-in conditioners lock moisture into your hair while creating a base for the rest of your styling products to layer on top of it. This one just so happens to be in Barbara’s Top 3, is super moisturizing, yet lightweight and formulated with all natural ingredients.


Curl Keeper Spray Gel

We are so excited about this next one. Introducing the curly girl version of hairspray: Curl Keeper Spray Gel. There are so many ways to use this. Try it as an alcohol free / curl safe “hairspray” while doing curly updo styles. Use it at the end of your routine, before diffusing, as max light weight hold. Or reach for it as a non-invasive refresh method!


Miribel Naturals Flaxseed Gel

Up next: the Miribel Naturals Flaxseed Gel. This gel is 100% clean and incredibly well formulated with a very small ingredient list. On this (proudly small) ingredient list is Flaxseed, which is amazing for strengthening hair and preventing breakage (thanks to being rich in vitamin E). There are no added fragrances, it is protein free and when we tell you it will give you incredible hold and shine, we mean it!


bondbar Bonding Pre-Shampoo Treatment

We can’t say we saved the best for last because this entire month is THE BEST (seriously), but we can say we saved the best dupe for last. The bondbar Bonding Pre-Shampoo Treatment is $9 dupe to the bond builder the internet cannot get enough of (you know, the one that starts with an “O” and ends in “laplex”). This pre-shampoo repairs and smooths hair, is NECESSARY for post-color or post damage, adds moisture and shine AND prevents and repairs spitends. 

As always, if you are already a #CurlsMonthlySubscriber, we appreciate you and your curls. If you aren’t a part of our curl crew yet- what are you waiting for?! But really - we would love to have you. We are always a DM away, and vow to be your biggest hype girls for forever. Join Curls Monthly today. xoxo!

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