Your curls' lucky month 🍀

If you are already a subscriber, consider this your lucky month. We have a full 3-step lineup from Rezo, a product from the incredible Camille Rose, the cutest scrunchie ever, another highly requested conditioner from Malibu C and we threw in a bonus Invisibobble to hold your curls, just because we love you! 

Rezo Curl Manifest Shampoo

Step one of the three product lineup from Rezo: Curl Manifest Shampoo. This line is specifically crafted to provide more definition, more volume and a refreshing scent to bring your curls all the benefits. Plus it’s ultra hydrating, gives those curls an effective cleanse and is protein free! 

Rezo Curl Manifest Conditioner

Step two: Curl Manifest Conditioner. Still a part of the defining and volumizing trio, this conditioner contains protein, is on the heavier side for a juicy moisture burst and makes curls 3x more resistant to breakage (sign us up!). 

Rezo Curl Manifest Gel

Rounding out the trio we know your curls will love is the Curl Manifest Gel. This ultra moisturizing and nonstick formula is medium hold and flake free. Plus it features both UV and thermal protection, making it a one-stop shop for protecting your curls. 

Malibu C Rehabilit8 Smoothing Conditioner

Up next, another crush-worthy conditioner from a brand that has been getting all the love in our past few mailers: Malibu C Rehabilit8 Smoothing Conditioner. This conditioner is specifically designed to penetrate hair that is damaged, unmanageable or just in need of a good deep condition. It is lighter weight, high in protein (hello repair!), and prevents breakage. 

Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk

A brand we know you will swoon over just like us, the Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk is a softening leave-in conditioner formulated to prevent breakage and nourish each strand. It’s truly one of our fearless leader’s (aka @itsbarbiedelle) favorites, is great for all textures and amazing for detangling. 

Curly Sue Satin Schrunchie

To have and to hold your hair back, please welcome the Curly Sue Satin Scrunchies! Satin is all the hype for a good reason. It prevents frizz, keeps oil in your hair (which is essential for moisture retention), and helps your hair grow because it’s gentle on your curls and makes them less prone to breaking or snapping. For sleeping or lounging and anything in between, your curls are about to meet their perfect match!


Last but certainly not least, we are throwing in the world famous Invisibobbles in a surprise color as a little bonus! These hair ties are creaseless and provide all day comfort with their strong grip, no rip technology. 

We warned you, if you’re not yet a #CurlsMonthlySubscriber, good luck is waiting for you in the shape of a Curls Monthly Subscription. Click here to join!

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