How to gift the gift that keeps on giving:

Step 1: Add the Monthly Plan to cart.

Step 2: Click "checkout."

Step 3: If you are a Curls Monthly Subscriber, enter your email and password.

If you are NOT a Curls Monthly Subscriber:

1. What are you doing!? 

2. Hit "Create Account" and enter your prompted information

Step 4: Enter the RECIPIENT'S shipping information

Step 5: Enter YOUR payment information and click "Pay Now"

You did it! Healthy hair is on it's way to your loved ones. What now? 

Step 6: You will receive an email from us. When you have the option, follow the “this is a gift” instructions and fill out the corresponding form!

Step 7: You will then receive a beautiful gifting email. Forward this to the lucky recipient!

Step 8: Assume your new title of "Best Gifter Ever"

P.S. Set a reminder to cancel the subscription after you are done gifting! For example, common subscription lengths are 3 month, 6 months, one year, etc.

Please NOTE: Your gifted subscription is live upon purchasing. 

Happy Gifting!