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Spring has sprung and our April Mailer has dropped. Just like April showers, these products will have your curls flourishing! From frizz-fighting warriors, to nourishing duos, to accessories your curls are crying for, this mailer has a little bit of everything! 

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel 

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel Curls Monthly
Image Source: Google Images

Are we incredibly excited to feature this versatile gel in the April mailer? Oui! This gel is light weight and has a medium to heavy hold. It is powered by Anti-Frizz Nano Technology sericin (a protein derived from silk) to lock in moisture and lock out humidity (you’re welcome, southern summers). This beauty is also glycerin free and has a UV filter to protect against environmental stressors. Check and mark. 

Curl Keeper Original Liquid Styler

Curl Keeper Original Liquid Styler Curls Monthly Curly Hair Subscription

Image Source: curlkeeper.com

If you have curls, odds are you have heard of, used and if you are anything like us, loved, this infamous Curl Keeper Original Liquid Styler. Plus, if you (or your curls) aren’t a fan of humidity - you are in the right place! This product is made specifically for humid weather (you’re welcome, southern summers x2) and water-based, meaning frizz-free curls without the build up. 

Aluram Curl Shampoo

Aluram Curl Shampoo Curls Monthly Curly Hair Subscription

Image Source: @alurambeauty Instagram

Something about salon exclusive just sounds so… exclusive! We are so excited for you to get your curls on this salon-grade shampoo by Aluram. It is moisturizing, protein free and contains Coconut Water for all your hair moisturizing needs. But it can’t just stop at that. It also improves elasticity (hello bouncy curls!) and increases shine (we dare you to say you don’t want that..)!

Aluram Curl Conditioner

Aluram Curl Conditioner Curls Monthly curly hair subscription

Image Source: @alurambeauty Instagram

We would be cruel to give you the Aluram Curl Shampoo but deprive you of its partner in crime. Introducing: the Aluram Curl Conditioner! This wash day hero is suuupppeer moisturizing and great for dry, thick or dull hair! Similar to its curl counterpart, it is powered by Coconut Water to nourish thirsty strands.

BizzyBCrafts Headbands

BizzyBCrafts Headbands Curls Monthly Curly Hair Subscription

Image Source: @bizzybcrafts Instagram

Woman-owned, handmade, comfortable, soft AND safe for your curls? Sign. Us. Up (Literally- sign us up for Curls Monthly!). Basically, for everything from keeping your curls out of your face to doing on-trend hairstyles, BizzyBCrafts has you covered. Plus, they are featuring a variety of colors, patterns and styles in our April Mailer, which headband will you get your hands on?!

Something caught your eye? Don’t blink! Available spots to join Curls Monthly and receive this mailer are extremely limited. Join here before we sell out (again)!

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  • Claire

    this is the smartest idea i’ve ever seen! i’m always looking for travel size curly products and there are always so little selection:( can’t wait to order this as soon as i can so i learn more about my hair!

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