The last mailer of 2022!

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It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year here at Curls Monthly because our last mailer of 2022 is ending the year with a BANG. Our December mailer will have your curls on the nice list, guaranteed. Without further ado, let’s deck the halls!

Imbue Curl Restoring Intensive Mask

Imbue Curl Restoring Intensive Mask

About: This protein-rich conditioning mask is sure to leave your hair feeling nourished and moisturized this holiday season. Blended with plant butters to hydrate and heal damaged curls, this restoring mask will keep split ends at bay, keeping your curls living their best life!

Who it’s best for: This mask is best for damaged hair (from coloring, heat damage, etc.), fine or fragile hair. It is also a great protein treatment for low porosity curls, while being the perfect moisture treatment for high porosity curlies!

Who should be careful: If your hair is low porosity, not damaged or you have loose waves, this mask may not be your perfect fit!

How to use: Smooth onto your hair in the shower, focusing on your ends. Then, detangle with a detangling brush and apply more product if needed. Optional: add a shower cap or heated bonnet. Wait at least 10 minutes, rinse with warm water and say hello to hydrated and healed curls!


Imbue Curl Liberating Sulphate Free Shampoo

Imbue Curl Liberating Sulphate Free Shampoo

About: This seriously-so-good shampoo is scalp friendly, leaves your curls shiny and defined and is gentle enough for “every wash” use (because you know by now, you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day*)!

*Most people should not be washing their hair every day, however, there are exceptions. 

Who it’s best for: This superstar shampoo is best for medium oily and moisture hungry waves, curls and coils!

Who should be careful: If your hair is extremely oily, extremely dry or very fine waves, you may find this isn’t your miracle product.

How to use: Place shampoo on all areas of your roots and massage it in with your hands. Rinse it out by tilting your head back in the shower. If no lather occurs, repeat. If you still don’t know exactly how to shampoo those curls, learn here!

Imbue Curl Respecting Conditioner

Imbue Curl Respecting Conditioner

About: This conditioner is the definition of lightweight nourishment. It’s “mid weight” (meaning not too heavy, not too light) and features a dash of moisture. It contains protein, plus the Olive Oil combined with Cupuaçu and Coconut instantly cocoon curls and give just the right amount of slip for seamless detangling!

Who it’s best for: This curl-loving conditioner is perfect for medium porosity as well as medium oily har. And, it’s great for waves, curls and coils!

Who should be careful: If you have very dry hair (because of the protein in this conditioner), or very fine hair, this conditioner may not be calling your name.

How to use: Condition as normal - See how to properly condition here!

NatureLab Tokyo Scalp Scrub

NatureLab Tokyo Scalp Scrub

About: This two-in-one superstar is both a scalp scrub AND a shampoo! It gently removes product buildup and environmental impurities to reveal a healthy, happy scalp! It’s the perfect combination of a clarifying shampoo and a scalp detoxifier. Plus, it’s protein-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

Who it’s best for: This two-in-one scrub is great for oily, itchy, flaky and dandruff prone scalps, as well as any hair that is in need of a good clarification. And, it’s amazing for all hair types.

Who should be careful: If you have very dry hair this may not be the best for you. In addition, overuse in general of this product is not good for any hair types.

How to use: Apply the scrub on roots to ends and massage in a circular motion. If you are looking for some extra self care, you can follow up with a deep treatment afterwards!

NatureLab Tokyo Repair Hair Masque

NatureLab Tokyo Repair Masque

About: If you color your curls, this is for you! This conditioning and repairing (aka moisture + protein-fueled masque) is both a heat protectant as well as a color protectant.

Who it’s best for: This repair mask is best for damaged hair (from coloring, heat damage, etc), fragile or fine hair. This can also be used as a protein treatment for low porosity curls, and a moisture treatment for high porosity curls. 

P.S. It’s similar to the Imbue Restoring Intensive Masque, but the Imbue masque has more moisture and is heavier compared to this one!

Who should be careful: Those with low porosity and undamaged curls may not find this to be their miracle mask!

How to use: Apply form ends to scalp after shampooing. Leave in for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. (Same for all hair types)

See, we told you this December mailer is gooood! Treat yourself to healthy curls this holiday season. If you are already a Curls Monthly subscriber, these products will be delivered to your doorstep next month (cheers!). If you are not yet a Curls Monthly Subscriber, join now!


Wishing you happy holidays and healthy curls!

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  • Beverly

    Girl! You hit the ball way out of the park with this December mailer! I really appreciate the complete breakdown you give on each product, you are truly a blessing in how much you care about us curlies! With you I’ve discovered my hair is unique to me and takes individualized care as such. My hair benefits from a variety of hair care products. I have some, bleached hair, gray hair, wavy hair, curly hair, damaged hair, healthy hair- all on my head! Thank you, Barbara!

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